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Recap: No Sunderhaus means no scoring for Seattle against Utah State

4 Feb

Saturday’s game against Utah State proved just how indispensable freshman Deshaun Sunderhaus is to the Redhawks.

With him in the lineup almost every other game, Seattle U ranked 9th in the entire nation in rebounding. Without him, they were outrebounded by a nearly 2-to-1 margin. In the first half, the Redhawks had zero offensive boards. None.

Sunderhaus’s tenacity on the boards was missed, and so was his scoring. For the second straight game the Redhawks didn’t break the 20-point barrier by halftime. They got away with it against San Jose State because the Spartans were just as woeful on offense, but the Aggies… not so much.

Unsurprisingly, they lost by 22. Chad Rasmussen was the scoring leader with 10 points.

It’s amazing how important Sunderhaus has become in his first year of college basketball. Cameron Dollar surprised almost everyone by starting the forward at the beginning of the season, and it took only a couple of games to see why.

With a couple more seasons to learn the college game better and become a better decision-maker, Sunderhaus could easily become an all-WAC player. He’s got a good motor, a nose for the basket, an improving midrange shot, and solid low-post skills. That’s a lot for a guy who still can’t legally have a drink.

As for the rest of Saturday’s game? It was ugly enough to make you want a drink yourself.

The bright side was the crowd, which was one of the best of the season. A KeyArena environment like that is one of the better ones in which to watch a college basketball game. Here’s hoping for more of that in the last two home games of the season.


Recap: Redhawks threaten to upset Utah State before again fading down stretch

4 Jan

In their first conference game this year, Seattle led Idaho by 7 with 6 minutes to go in the game. They then surrendered a big run, allowing 22 points in the last 6 minutes, and lost 71-64.

In their second conference game, Seattle led Utah State by 3 with 6 minutes to go in the game. They then surrendered a big run, allowing 25 points in the last 6 minutes, and lost 75-66.

It doesn’t take a genius to spot the pattern.

Seattle played 34 minutes of very solid basketball before fading at the end, losing their composure and dropping a heartbreaker to a now 12-1 Utah State team that stands as the favorite to win the WAC.

Freshman forward Deshaun Sunderhaus was emblematic of Seattle’s struggles in the late-game.

Through the first half, he carried the team. Through most of the game he was fantastic, finishing with 23 points and 10 rebounds – an incredible effort for a player in his second conference game ever. He scored from inside and outside, and USU had no answer for him.

But a slip of his feet for a traveling violation with 2:31 to go turned the ball over when Seattle still trailed by only 5. And in his frustration, he said a choice word or two and slammed the ball to the ground, earning a technical and giving Utah State added momentum that would help carry them to victory.

Deshaun played great, as did the Redhawks for the most part, but unraveled when the pressure was greatest. That happens with inexperienced teams and young players. He’ll learn from this, as will the team. And late in the season, these types of late-game fades won’t be – or at least shouldn’t be – occurring every game.

It’s also worth noting that Prince Obasi continued his very solid play. Although his shot was off (3-10 and just 2-6 from the free-throw line), he still contributed 8 points, 8 assists, 5 boards and two steals with only 2 turnovers. You’ll take an 8:2 assist to turnover ratio from your lead guard any day.

Much has changed since Redhawks last beat Huskies in men’s hoops

12 Dec

The date was November 28. The year was 1978. Seattle University had defeated the University of Washington, and nobody knew it would take at least 34 years for that feat to occur again.

That year, 1978, was a long time ago. Here’s a few fun facts about the last time that Redhawks topped Huskies on the scoreboard…

Animal House had just been released in theatres.

Current Redhawks head coach Cameron Dollar was three years old.

Hungry Hungry Hippos was the most popular toy in America.

Bjorn Borg and Martina Navratilova were the men’s and women’s champions of Wimbledon.

The Washington Bullets defeated the Seattle SuperSonics in the NBA finals.

Also, they were still called the Washington Bullets.

Also, they were still called the Seattle SuperSonics.

2013 WAC member Utah State University was still Utah Technical College. In 1987, they would upgrade themselves to being called Utah Valley Community College.

The Beegees had a #1 hit song on the Billboard Charts.

Justin Bieber did not have a #1 hit song on the Billboard Charts.



Utah State at Seattle – 73-66 WIN

20 Jan

Not many people were able to brave the inches of snow to make it into downtown Seattle Thursday night, but those who did (which totaled maybe 500) were treated to one of the best performances by Seattle U’s basketball team all season.

After Seattle roared out to a 13-6 start in the first 4 minutes, Utah State fought back. Behind Brockeith Pane, they tried to whittle away at the lead, but it stayed at a 7-point margin at halftime. The Aggies kept it close, with two Pane free-throws making it a 52-49 game with 8 minutes left, but Seattle responded with a run of their own to put the lead back to double-digits, and to salt away the game for good.

The Redhawks shot 53% from the floor. They made more than half of their three’s. They got out to a big lead against a supposedly superior opponent, and held them off down the stretch. It all added up to a thoroughly satisfying performance. You could almost imagine it being a high-stakes conference game. Next year, this matchup will be.

Hero: Going to name two this time. The hero on the court was Prince Obasi, for drilling a 3 late in the game that put Utah State to bed for good. He’s been playing very well lately, and it seems like he has finally found a good role as the first guard off the bench.

The real hero, though, was the RedZone. All the student fans who braved the snow made a big difference. They were the loudest they had been all season, and with creativity as well. When a USU player got swatted, a chant of “You got Hawk-blocked” echoed throughout the mostly empty building. After USU’s Brockeith Pane blew a wide-open jam in transition, the RedZone chanted “Dunk it! Dunk it!” every time he touched the ball. It was a great showing, one that would greatly add to the SU basketball experience if it can be repeated.

Goat: The first time Obie Hurt got in the game for the Redhawks, he lost the ball, and was immediately yanked by Cameron Dollar so he could receive a tongue-lashing. Hurt finished with one minute played and one turnover. Poor Obie Hurt.

Key stat: 8 of 14 three-point shots went in for the Redhawks.

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