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Much has changed since Redhawks last beat Huskies in men’s hoops

12 Dec

The date was November 28. The year was 1978. Seattle University had defeated the University of Washington, and nobody knew it would take at least 34 years for that feat to occur again.

That year, 1978, was a long time ago. Here’s a few fun facts about the last time that Redhawks topped Huskies on the scoreboard…

Animal House had just been released in theatres.

Current Redhawks head coach Cameron Dollar was three years old.

Hungry Hungry Hippos was the most popular toy in America.

Bjorn Borg and Martina Navratilova were the men’s and women’s champions of Wimbledon.

The Washington Bullets defeated the Seattle SuperSonics in the NBA finals.

Also, they were still called the Washington Bullets.

Also, they were still called the Seattle SuperSonics.

2013 WAC member Utah State University was still Utah Technical College. In 1987, they would upgrade themselves to being called Utah Valley Community College.

The Beegees had a #1 hit song on the Billboard Charts.

Justin Bieber did not have a #1 hit song on the Billboard Charts.



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