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Much has changed since Redhawks last beat Huskies in men’s hoops

12 Dec

The date was November 28. The year was 1978. Seattle University had defeated the University of Washington, and nobody knew it would take at least 34 years for that feat to occur again.

That year, 1978, was a long time ago. Here’s a few fun facts about the last time that Redhawks topped Huskies on the scoreboard…

Animal House had just been released in theatres.

Current Redhawks head coach Cameron Dollar was three years old.

Hungry Hungry Hippos was the most popular toy in America.

Bjorn Borg and Martina Navratilova were the men’s and women’s champions of Wimbledon.

The Washington Bullets defeated the Seattle SuperSonics in the NBA finals.

Also, they were still called the Washington Bullets.

Also, they were still called the Seattle SuperSonics.

2013 WAC member Utah State University was still Utah Technical College. In 1987, they would upgrade themselves to being called Utah Valley Community College.

The Beegees had a #1 hit song on the Billboard Charts.

Justin Bieber did not have a #1 hit song on the Billboard Charts.




One-on-one with Seattle basketball legend Shawn Kemp

23 Jan

Shawn Kemp is a large person. It’s an obvious fact, but it’s made all the more apparent when you meet him up close. Just to sit comfortably, Kemp has to take up a seat in two rows in the stands at KeyArena. He is also one of the nicest, most gracious people you are likely to ever meet. He’s a Seattle legend, and this year he’s been further tied into local basketball lore, as his son is playing for the UW basketball team.

I had the chance to meet Shawn and his wife at the Seattle U – Utah State basketball game, in the same arena where he threw down dunk after dunk over overmatched opponents not so many years ago.

The Blog: What do you like about this Seattle University basketball team?

Shawn Kemp: I’m a big fan of the coach [Cameron Dollar]. I’ve met him, and I’ve met a majority of the players on the team too. I still think of Seattle as the underdog, going up against bigger teams no matter who they’re playing, so it makes sense to support them.

TB: So what brings you here instead of the UW game?

SK: I was over watching the game at my restaurant [Oskar’s Kitchen in Queen Anne] and came over here after that. Tough game.

TB: I imagine it’s not quite the same as a Sonics – Jazz game back in the day, is it?

SK: It doesn’t quite have the same feel, but every time the game gets close, the intensity picks up.

TB: Do you like anyone in particular on this team, anyone stand out to you?

SK: My wife thinks number 2 [Aaron Broussard] is the best player on the team, but I like the kid from North Carolina, number 25 [Eric Wallace]. He’s tough, and he likes the ball. I like that.

TB: I can’t resist asking this. What was the nastiest dunk you ever threw down?

SK: The nastiest? Ooh. The nastiest one was probably the first one. There was one in New York, in Madison Square Garden. I think it was a reverse. I’ve got some good memories in this gym. I jammed on Rodman’s head in the Finals on that rim over there (points). Then there was the Lister Blister, and the Rattlin’ Gatling. There was a lot of them.

Huge thanks to Shawn for taking the time to talk. If you’re wondering about some of the dunks he mentioned, check out the video below. The Madison Square Garden dunk is #3, the “Rattlin’ Gatling” is #5 and the “Lister Blister” is #1.

The mysterious disappearing career of Charles Garcia

1 Dec

It wasn’t very long ago that Charles Garcia appeared to have a promising basketball career lined up in front of him. He was the leading scorer and rebounder for the Redhawks last year, and was the key to their surprisingly successful season.

Garcia gained national recognition as a star in the making. Some of his monster dunks made highlight reels. The question wasn’t if he would make the jump to the NBA, but when.

How things have changed.

After just one year at Seattle University, Garcia declared himself eligible for the NBA draft at the end of the season, forgoing his senior season. He was undrafted, and was not signed by any NBA team.

He then took his talents to Turkey, signing with Oyak Renault. But after just two games he was done, and he voided his contract. Despite averaging more than 25 minutes and 8 points per game, Garcia was reportedly not the type of player Renault was looking for, and things didn’t work out.

So after not finding any suitable offers in Europe, Garcia returned home to the states to try and catch on in the NBA Developmental League. But he, again, went undrafted, with no D-League team suitably impressed with the ex-Redhawk to give him a contract.

All this has taken place over a shockingly short timespan. Last December Garcia was being talked about by scouts as a potential 1st-round NBA draft pick. Last March he declared for the draft. Eight months later, he was undrafted, unsigned, and with a disintegrating career. What’s gone wrong?

As someone without any inside knowledge, it appears there must be something going on with Garcia – or his agent – behind the scenes. Based strictly on his basketball skills, and more importantly, potential, he seems to be a perfect project for some team to take a chance on. His coaches (and most other observers) thought he needed another year at Seattle U to mature. It’s very possible that coaches are seeing things in Garcia that they don’t like that aren’t necessarily obvious to those of us watching him play in person or on TV.

Regardless, Garcia’s career recently has finally taken a turn for the better. He was just signed by the Utah Flash of the D-League, and has played about 25 minutes total in two games with the team. He’s got a long way to go, but there may yet be a chance for Charles Garcia to capitalize on all that potential he showed in his time at Seattle U.

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