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WAC watch – Breaking down the end of the season

7 Mar

Based on Joe Lunardi’s Bracketology, 7 WAC teams are projected to get into the NCAA tournament!

…ok, maybe not. But most of the various teams that will make up the WAC conference next year have been having respectable seasons. Denver, UT Arlington and New Mexico State all racked up 22+ win seasons. San Jose State… well, they didn’t.

Below is how each of next year’s 10 WAC programs finished the 2011-2012 season:

Louisiana Tech. 16-15, 6-8 conference, 181 RPI. Best win – @Hawaii. Worst loss – @Southeast Louisiana.

New Mexico State. 23-9, 10-4 conference, 68 RPI. Best win – @New Mexico. Worst loss – @ UTEP.

Idaho. 16-12, 9-5 conference, 134 RPI. Best win – @Nevada. Worst loss – @Wright State.

Utah State. 17-14, 8-6 conference, 133 RPI. Best win – BYU at home. Worst loss – @Texas A&M Corpus Christi.

San Jose State. 9-21, 1-13 conference, 280 RPI. Best win – UT San Antonio at home. Worst loss – Montana State at home.

UT San Antonio. 18-13, 10-6 conference (Southland), 190 RPI. Best win – Oral Roberts on neutral court. Worst loss – Texas State at home by 14.

UT Arlington. 23-7, 15-1 conference (Southland), 96 RPI. Best win – Kent State on neutral court. Worst loss – Samford at home.

Texas State. 13-17, 5-11 conference (Southland), 284 RPI. Best win – UT San Antonio on road by 14. Worst loss – @Texas-A&M Corpus Christi.

Denver. 22-9, 11-5 conference (Sun Belt), 92 RPI. Best wins – Southern Miss and Saint Mary’s at home. Worst loss – Arkansas-Little Rock at home.

Seattle. 11-15 (Independent), 285 RPI. Best win – Utah State at home. Worst loss – Utah Valley at home.

That combined conference RPI? 14th overall, compared to 12th for the conference itself this year. It’s an awkward way to look at the numbers, but the main point is that next year the projected WAC conference will get weaker. Not much, but definitely some. In terms of RPI, the projected WAC slides behind the Horizon League and the Ivy League.

Which of course, Seattle won’t be all that worried about, because it will still be a vast step up in competition from playing the likes of Longwood twice in a season.

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